(Established under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956)
NAAC Reaccredited DY Patil University
with 'A' Grade with CGPA of 3.40


It is a constant endeavour of the DHTS faculty team to make learning more and more student-centric and interesting. A regular interactive session is carried on in order to develop better methods of imparting knowledge and skills on various topics. Every session is analysed for improvement so that the students get maximum benefit during their tenure at DHTS. Given here are some of the common methodologies adopted:

Classroom Interactions

All classroom lectures are thoroughly planned beforehand to make the session interesting and informative. Students are encouraged to participate and interact with the faculty members. The teachers use aids such as multimedia presentations, videos, group tasks, discussions to help students conceptualize the topics.

Guest Lectures

The institute invites experts on various topics from the industry and other institutes who share their experiences with students and help them develop a wider perspective.


We appreciate the fact that students may have doubts about topics that have been already clarified in the classroom lectures. Moreover, some students may require special attention. For this reason, we have separate time slots of tutorial sessions that are scheduled as per the students' request. In these sessions, the students can clarify all their doubts and teachers explain in a way that is most conducive to the student.

Field Trips

Students will be taken on occasional educational visits and trips. Each of these trips has clear-cut learning objectives that will be communicated to the students beforehand. The students after their return have to file a report based on their observations during the trip.


The students are given a number of assignments that they have completed within a stipulated period. Students should take these assignments as a very serious learning exercise and do it after thorough research in the library, on field (if required) and through Internet. Each assignment is marked and is evaluated on the basis of the written report or presentation or any other method.

Skill Based Practical Inputs

All the core areas have practical inputs that are given in their respective labs. The sessions may involve demonstrations, activities, practice sessions, role plays and mock situations. The main objective of these sessions is not only to transfer skills but also to get the students aware of the ground realities before they become supervisors and managers.

Academic- Industry Integration

This is a unique endeavour of DHTS. For details please see section on Industry Integration and Training.

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